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The Chelsea Flower Show 2016

Nature and art lovers rejoice! THE CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW 2016 is finally here and it’s looking like it’s going to be one of the most interesting, awe-inspiring installments so far. Kate and William have already made their inaugural visit (yes, they’ve never had a chance to actually go before) and the Queen has shown her appreciation for the large, floral archway commemorating her 90th birthday, which means that it is time for the public to set their eyes upon the wonders of the year.

This year, many of the gardens have been designed around the theme of peace and tranquility, creating an oasis of mindful greenery in the middle of busy London.

JEKKA MCVICAR’S EXHIBITION, THE MODERN APOTHECARY, for St John’s Hospice is the perfect example of this theme, designed as a healing ground for body and soul. The garden features only beneficial flowers and herbs such as rosemary and fennel in its display, perfectly framed by the sound of the incorporated trickling fountain.

There’s a bit of fun to be had as well, with the HARRODS BRITISH ECCENTRICS GARDEN with its spinning trees and the Antithesis of Sarcophagi, a concrete box garden which can only be viewed from a tiny peep-hole in the wall. The Royals were clearly having fun themselves – they delighted in seeing the new pink and green chrysanthemum named after their daughter Charlotte, with William pertly asking the National Chrysanthemum Society, ‘Can you spell Chrysanthemum? I can’t even say it.’

But our favourite exhibition of them all? One of the most fun ones in our books, as it alludes to our own creation this year, ‘A Garden for Yorkshire’. Bringing a slice of traditional Yorkshire to the capital, this garden is based around the YORK MINISTER’S GREAT EAST WINDOW, celebrating the beautiful colours and history of this large stain glass window. So where do we come into this? Well, we’ve created our very own piece of the British Yorkshire countryside in our London restaurant with an exciting, limited edition addition to our menu – our incredible new potted plant Yorkshire Pudding! Inspired by the Chelsea Flower show, our new Yorkshire Pud is our most creative one to date.

Stick your fork into this incredible Yorkshire Pudding and prepare yourself for a whole world of mouth–watering, garden delights. This pudding allows you to truly have your cake and eat it too this year, as it is, in fact, London’s first edible flower pot, in honour of the Chelsea Flower Show. A moist, delectable Yorkshire Pudding stands as the pot of your taste bud’s dreams, with asparagus, baby leek, carrot and a British radish nestled inside. Bound together with black olive ‘soil’ and decorated with a delicate, edible flower, this new yorkie treat is the most delicious way to celebrate the Chelsea Flower Show this year. So why not book your place at London’s best edible garden show this year?

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