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London Calling - Frieze Art Fair

We wouldn’t want our guests to miss out on what the Guardian is calling a ‘must-see event’, so we thought we better tell you a thing or two about Frieze Art Fair. One of the world’s leading contemporary art fairs, Frieze is returning to London again this October. The fair offers you the opportunity to see and buy the art of over 1,000 of the world’s leading artists, and all you have to do to be at the centre of the action is take a quick stroll out of The Mandeville Hotel to nearby Regent’s Park (and buy a ticket, of course). The fair is now open to the public and runs until Saturday 18th October, so there’s plenty of time to have a look around and dip your toes in the talent pool.

With so many different exhibitions to choose from, where are we going to direct you to turn in this arty labyrinth? Well, we recommend

starting with the Frieze Projects, the fair’s unique set of artist commissions. This year the exhibitions are centring around art that intersects with other expressive mediums, such as dance or music.  Although Frieze prize winner Mélanie Matranga is definitely one not to watch, we’ll be straying further afield to Sophia Al Maria’s project, where she will be exploring the subliminal messages embedded in art through a UV maze of hidden signs and words. Perhaps even more exciting is the newest addition to the Frieze repertoire, ‘Live’. This is a brand new section featuring solely performance-based installations, including both original and historical pieces. Robert Breer’s Floats will see objects moving around a public space within the fair, retreating from any solid edges or obstacles they encounter, creating the sensation that the stationary onlooker is moving. And, for a bit of a break from it all, we recommend the United Brothers’ Does This Soup Taste Ambivalent? – because there’s no better reward after a long day of wandering around countless exhibitions than a lovely hot bowl of soup.

So indulge your creative side this week and visit Frieze Art Fair, the must-see event right on the doorstep of the luxury Mandeville hotel.