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The Exploded Circus

These London sunnier climes are taking us outdoors!
Immerse yourself in Mayfair’s summer spectacular, ‘In the Square’ series and enjoy outdoor performances from the arts, set in the stunning, leafy surroundings of Mayfair’s Grosvenor Square.
2 - 4 August 2018

Step into the moment where an explosion has been frozen in time, the remnants of a big top caught mid-air – with everything from circus ring, sequins and fairground horses suspended above ground.
Featuring a breath-taking mix of acrobatics, surprising aerial feats and masterful juggling, The Exploded Circus weaves a story told without words, where six female performers have to come together to seek order in the chaos and create a new normal. With striking imagery and subtle humour, the show explores themes around change, hope and belonging.

Gates open 5pm | Performance 7.30pm

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