Winter Cocktail

Recipe: Our Signature Cocktails

For connoisseurs who fancy classics or creative infusions, these signature cocktails invented in our bar are a must-try.

We have put carefully selected our 2 most popular transitional cocktails from Summer to Autumn to recreate at home, or join us and let us whip it up for you. 

Promising to transport your taste buds in less than five ingredients, happy hours never looked so good. 

Deliciously easy, creamy and just in time for Autumn. This sumptuous cocktail tickles all the senses with the right amount of sweetness and Autumn/Winter pleasure with every sip. 

The Magic Flute

Spiced Rum infused Almonds
Mozart Chocolate Liqueur
Double Cream

Tea time is anytime of day or night. Served with teapot and teacup, this refreshing tea tail works accompanies your afternoon treats, an aperitif or just as well as your nightcap. Rich in flavour, light in on the palate. 

Moulin Rouge 

Zubrowka Vodka
Elderflower Liqueur
Red Velvet Tea