Marylebone Talks... Personal Stylist Laetita Tomasso to the Mandeville

Laetitia Tomasso, the new in-house stylist at The Mandeville, has over 10 years of experience in personal styling. Her distinct approach to personal styling focuses on working with her clients on defining their personal style and designing the image that her clients wish to project through personal branding and wardrobe management.

With access to the best brands, ateliers and designers and a VIP shopping experience, and her experience from London to Paris, Laetitia is well required to help you with any shopping requirement.

We talked to her about her styling sessions and her ideal day in Marylebone.

Tell us about your journey into Fashion

I started styling when I was 14 years old. I used to have huge scrap books with articles from magazines about fashion beauty and style. I used to invite my friends to my house before a party and I would do full makeover on them: clothes, hair and makeup! The word quickly spread beyond my friends to their mothers and their friends and when I was around 16 years old I started providing personal shopping and styling services in Paris. I carried on whilst I was studying law at La Sorbonne and during my first years working as a lawyer. Two years ago I decided to move full time into fashion and I haven’t looked back since. I increased the numbers of my private clients, did a lot of session work on film sets, photoshoots and commercial campaigns and recently started working as brand consultant. I cannot believe I did not take the leap earlier!

What can a client expect from a stylist?

As a personal stylist I curate and manage personal wardrobes for my clients and advise clients on their image. As a session stylist I work with directors and photographers to create outfits for editorials, bring characters to life in films and enhance a brand vision during commercial campaigns.


Since I went freelance 2 years ago, I use social media a lot more and I have a growing community with whom I share the day-to-day life of a stylist: the fashion weeks, press days, behind the scenes of shoots and film sets. I also have a blog where I talk about fashion, style and beauty and I introduce my clients and followers to premium independent designers during the events I’m hosting. I’ve recently started taking part in panels and conferences and I’ve also launched my Bespoke and Custom Made services to address specific enquiries from private clients.

What do you think about British style and designers?

British style is iconic, be it a Saville Row tailor made suit, an Aquascutum trench coat, a Paul Smith suit with colourful lining or a mix matched super trendy outfit, British style is distinct. I also love the fact that there is a dress code for almost every function and that people are making an effort to dress the part.

Who are your clients?

Most of them are in a transitioning phase, either on a professional or personal level. I have a lot of executives, men and women, who have just been promoted and/or are aiming for a big promotion and are aware that they need to adjust their image. I also work with people who took the leap from a corporate to an entrepreneurial role and need to influence both employees, clients and investors.


Lastly I work with time poor fashion addicts or busy mums who want to look stylish in all occasions. Most stores only display 5% of their stock. As a regular to fashion weeks and a freelance stylist in many leading stores in London and Paris, I curate style edits for my clients including pieces not yet available to the public. Most of those pieces are sold out before they hit the shop floors so my services have a real added value. I can work with any budget and as a matter of fact, all my clients end up spending less than when they use to randomly shopping on the high street or at designer stores. Wardrobe and outfits planning are the key to optimum shopping budgets.

How do you pick a style or create a style?

As celebrity LA stylist Rachel Zoe said “Style is telling the world who you are without having to speak”. I work the same way with my private clients and on a shoot or film set. An outfit should tell a story. The difference with personal style (as opposed to an editorial or a film) is that it should tell your story – the current one, or the one you are writing.

When I start working with a client I want to understand their lifestyle in addition to their personal tastes. I also want to know if they have a goal or a specific ambition. As silly as it could sound projecting the image of what you desire works wonders. When your image syncs in with who you really are and your ambitions it all comes into place and miracles happen!

What is your typical day in Marylebone?

No 2 days are the same but when I am not travelling I am either starting the day by a run in Regent’s Park or a press breakfast. The way I spend the rest of the day depends on the projects I’m working on. I could be dealing with new client enquiries, working on consulting projects, meeting new brands for new collaborations, attending a press event, preparing a wardrobe for a personal styling session, a photoshoot or upcoming film. I also host events every 6 weeks or so and my team and I are spending a fair amount working on designing and managing the events.

My favourite places in Marylebone for meetings are Reform Social & Grill at the Mandeville Hotel for its luxury yet very friendly vibe, The Corner Cafe in Selfridges for its conveniently central location whilst remaining a confidential address and their out of this world toffee filled truffles and of course The Chiltern Firehouse for breakfast meetings and afternoon spent by the fireplace working on new projects. In terms of stores I freelance for Matches and Joseph so I regularly pop there either to check what’s in store, say hi to the teams or prepare a fitting for a client.

And of course drinks and dinner, I adore Fish Works for a lazy Friday night supper, the Blandford Comptoir on Blandford Street for a quick yet delicious weekday lunch and Fischers for a weekend brunch. I’ve also recently discovered Jikoni which is top food yet super friendly.

Laetitia works as an in-house stylist at The Mandeville. To enquire about personal shopping experiences,take a look HERE

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