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Marylebone Talks.... with Bayley & Sage

Jennie Allen started Bayley & Sage in 1997, with her first store in Wimbledon village, where she found a great community in the village. Now she has made Marylebone her home with her newest store opening. Purveyors of all things seasonal and delicious, they have also created several own label products, including an extra virgin olive oil, cheese crackers, a selection of wines and their very own Bayley Blue cheese - ideal take home gifts for Londoners and tourists. 

Jennie tells us why Marylebone and her favourite spots in the Village. 

How did it all begin with Bayley & Sage?

Bayley & Sage began out of my love for high-quality food and a frustration with highly manufactured and processed foods. I wanted to sell fresh bread, wonderfully creamy butter, ripe peaches oozing with juices and flavour, fantastic cheeses and tomatoes that tasted of sunshine.

Why is food so important to you?

Food is literally life! It embodies so much - health, joy, gathering, sharing. We mark the year through the seasons and through food, it grounds us back in nature. There is always something to look forward to, whether it's the anticipation of new season produce, the magic of how it is transformed when cooked, or the sharing of recipes and techniques with friends and family. Food brings us together!

What makes Bayley & Sage so special?

Our food and our people. We search out amazing products full of flavour, and we establish our shops within local London communities. We love being a part of these communities and bringing them the best food possible! 

What made you pick Marylebone as your latest location?

We chose Marylebone for its village feel, albeit in central London. But it truly is a village community, with fabulous residents who welcomed us with open arms.

What are your dinner party essentials? 

Laughter! And plenty of wine. I never do a starter, so it's always fizz with olives, saucisson, radishes, some B&S crisps - I'm a bit of a purist and only eat the salted ones. Our B&S thins are also perfect for apéro. Then it's chicken or fish, cooked simply so I can spend more time talking! Followed by a cheese selection from B&S, finished with fresh mint tea and some B&S chocolates.

What is your ideal day in Marylebone?

In my ideal day, I'd start at the top of the road with a visit to Baobab. Then I'd stop for a coffee at 31 Below and tour B&S, including our homewares shop Abode in the basement. Next up would be browsing in Daunt Books, followed by lunch at St. John's. I'd do dinner at Fish, which I adore. Walking through the fish shop to get to the restaurant reminds me of a restaurant in Boulogne sur Mer. But it also depends on the day of the week - I love to come on Sundays for the farmer's market.

Visit the store at 33-34 Marylebone High Street, W1U 4QD