London Fashion Week Highlights: Part 1

We’re particularly looking forward to catching the Catwalks this season, as the FASHION WORLD seems to be in the midst of an array of exciting changes. This season has already seen the controversial launch of seasonless collections and the combining of Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter fashions on the catwalk, so what’s next? We’ve got our top picks of the week’s highlights ready for you right here. But of course, LFW is an industry event to which only buyers, press and industry insiders can nab an invite. So how can you get up close and personal to the splendour of the London catwalks? Thankfully you can watch all of the shows on the BRITISH FASHION COUNCIL’S LONDON FASHION WEEK website and enjoy their broadcast footage on 60 outdoor screens across the United Kingdom, including the illustrious Canary Wharf and Westfield Shopping Centre right here in London. There’s plenty of off-shoot shows and exhibitions inspired by the LONDON FASHION WEEK excitement which you can attend, including London Fashion Weekend, read the down-low right here.


So, what shows should you be looking out for on the small or silver screens? Well, the TOP ONE here has to be the ALEXANDER MCQUEEN show on 21st February. After 14 years of presenting their collections solely during Paris Fashion week, the quintessentially British brand is at last coming home to London and the hype around the show is immense. Alexander McQueen always creates a stir with their spectacular shows and striking collections and this time are set to be the week’s highlight, with countless fashion editors and insiders flocking from across the world to see what creative director Sarah Burton has hidden up her tailored sleeve. Bringing the show back to where it all began for Lee McQueen in the 1990s, we wonder if Burton will be tempted to harness this nostalgia as inspiration for her show? Perhaps almost as exciting as this is the MULBERRY show, also scheduled for Sunday 21st February, as this will be their first show since 2013, when creative director Emma Hill left the brand, and we haven’t heard much about them since. However, we know that the brand which brought us such iconic celeb tie-ins as the Alexa satchel, the Del Rey handbag and the Cara rucksack will have more than an ordinary revival show planned. Their new director, Johnny Coca, has been planning this it all in secret for over a year now, only releasing the odd snippets of what will be in store at the show, including their decision to revert back to the brand’s original logo.

But before we move on to the accessible shows in Part 2 which you can attend at LFW 16, we have to give BURBERRY and TOPSHOP the props that they deserve for going somewhere towards achieving this end in their own shows. Interaction is the name of the game here, and these two brands are paving the way for the future of fashion this week by recognising the importance of their real-life buyers. First Burberry was one of the first brands to announce a shift in their fashion week schedule, and now their creative director Christopher Bailey has announced his most exciting innovation yet – that spectators will actually be able to buy the items which they see on the catwalk during the show – immediately, creating a sort of ‘see it, buy it’ auction atmosphere which will be nothing short of exhilarating. Even more interestingly though, the increased availability of the items will mean that Burberry will be reducing its number of collections to just two – and the concept of the planner mergers for labels such as Burberry London and Prorsum is intriguing. Of course, we’re not saying that you’ll be able to actually splash the cash out to buy all of the purchasable catwalk that Burberry puts on show – but it’s certainly a start to making LFW more accessible to the public. And high-street brand Topshop is also getting the public involved in their AW15 show – this time with the magic of INSTAGRAM. They’ve hired SHOWSTUDIO’S Nick Knight to capture their show live on camera for the masses. On 21st February, Knight will be live posting images of everything from backstage to first looks from the Topshop Instagram account. And the ShowStudio team will go further still by broadcasting his work live with GoPro cameras and Periscope, so you can truly feel part of the LFW action.