Getting 2018 Fit: Our Top Marylebone Fitness Picks

Christmas and New Year indulgence is over and we’re all feeling our jeans fit a little more snugly than usual. We’ve laughed, we’ve drank, we’ve over-indulged and we’ve filled ourselves to the brim and beyond with cooked goodness. It was worth it! So what now? Time to get started on those New Year’s resolutions to get back into shape? Or time to get back into a routine of exercising after all those mince pies? It’s time for us to take a look around local Marylebone for the fitness fun on offer. And we mean ‘fun’!

Marylebone is a treasure-trove of new and exciting fitness activities and dedicated spaces.


Up Fitness Mayfair

Let’s start with the bespoke gyms on offer. First up on our list is MARYLEBONE VILLAGE FITNESS, who offer holistic personal training to help you get up off the coach this January. Their range of fitness solutions goes on and on. Anyone for Power Plate or Clubbell Yoga? There’s nothing more exciting than starting the new year with a new class whose name you don’t even understand. And it’s all done with the utmost style, with one-to-one training sessions that focus specifically on you and your needs. There’s even a team of resident beauty therapists offering everything from manicures to facials to ease you back into the burn of the gym post-Christmas.

CHHP, a Marylebone gym that is so much more than a gym. This fitness centre goes the extra mile, with highly qualified trainers and even medical professionals on their staff, paired with the most cutting-edge equipment on offer. The perfect way to cure that Christmas slump!

Even more bespoke still is CLUB 51, which offers the most calming Marylebone location possible for one-on-one training. This is luxury gymming at its finest, and by appointment only – the perfect way to treat (or trick) yourself into getting fit again this new year.

If you’re looking for Ultimate Performance and Ultimate Results, then there is UP FITNESS. Entirely results orientated, this isn’t for those who are scared of lifting a heavy weight, or throwing a punching bag across a long stretch of track. Get down, get sweaty, get real.



takes inspiration from dance, ballet and pilates. Low-impact, high-intensity, full-body workouts. Variations of HIIT training, sculpting at varying intensities. You can try their January special offer for 3 classes for £45 too!

Try some belly dancing, hip hop, maybe some Samba and Flamenco, at DANCEWORKS just opposite Selfridges. From those with no experience, to someone who knows how to shake it, burn off those mince pies with a huge range of daily drop-in classes. How adventurous are you feeling?

Louise Drake has the know-how on getting into shape! Try one of her POP-UP CLASSES. held regularly in great spaces across London and in collaboration with favourite wellbeing brands, such as REN Skincare, Vita Coco and BetterYou. The next ones are held at The Detox Kitchen, near Oxford Circus. Expect a 45 minute fitness-fusion, total-body workout, on Tuesday 3rd and Friday 6th January.


Be Pilates

But if you’re still not ready to fully hit the gym running yet, why not start off with some low-intensity yoga or Pilates to get you going. Our favourite yoga spot is the lovely INDABA YOGA STUDIO, located right by Marylebone Station. ‘Indaba’ means ‘gathering’, and this space really is all about getting people together in a friendly and welcoming, yet professional environment. And it’s not all high-brow yogis, either. Beginners can choose between the beginner’s class to get the basics, hot yoga to break a sweat, or alignment yoga to help reset the body’s natural balance.

And we can’t forget the latest fitness trend on the block, our local BEPILATES, which is located on nearby Chiltern Street. One of the most renowned Pilates studios in the city, enrol in the beginner’s class to see a dramatic change to your posture and physical awareness almost right away, helping you on the road to future fitness with a healthy dose of relaxation to make the medicine go down.


And although it’s cold out there this January, we know that some of you only like to exercise outdoors – and we’ve got the perfect thing for you, too. Why not wrap up warm and head for nearby Hyde Park, the perfect place for early morning runs. Hyde Park is restored to its natural, leafy-green glory after Winter Wonderland. With running routes for all abilities listed on their website, this is the perfect way to see the city and get exercise at any level this new year.

Want to work with someone? BRITISH MILITARY FITNESS are highly motivational group workouts, catering to all fitness levels.  Each session lasts for 1 hour and will include a 5-10 minute warm up, 45-50 minutes of cardio and strength training, and a 5 minute cool down with stretches. The sessions are broken down into ability levels (blue, red and green) of around 15 people per instructor. Its about getting fit together!

So there you have it, our top picks of how to get yourself into tip-too fitness shape again after Christmas this year. It might seem like a mountain to climb right now, but you can do it in Marylebone!