The French Riviera in Marylebone

Enter a couture treat in the Centre of London as Maison Christian Lacroix brings the French Riviera to Fifth Floor of The Mandeville Hotel, each breathtaking new room tells a different story, producing drama, exuberance and grandeur.

A sultry and romantic mood on The Mandeville Hotel’s Fifth Floor. Inspired by the clandestine ‘Bain de Minuit’ Sea-Bathing Society that met at night in the sea of Monaco and Princess Grace’s stolen “Pearl” necklace, a luxurious abode in the Centre of London. 

Taking inspiration from Monaco's Botanical Garden, enter a tropical, lush and luxurious room designed with palm trees and colourful handcrafted fabrics, all accentuated with Julian Chichester furniture and a separate seating area. 

Classic Lacroix combined with whimsical colours and bejeweled designs inspired by Grace Kelly’s stolen Cartier jewels, a true haven for fashion lovers. 

Light, airy and romantic, Classic Lacroix is a true reflection of Lacroix’s upbringing inspired by his hometown of Arles combining both the French and Spanish cultures in one very comfortable and luxurious space.