The French Riviera in Marylebone

Enter a couture treat in the Centre of London as Maison Christian Lacroix brings the French Riviera to the Fifth Floor of The Mandeville Hotel, each breathtaking new room tells a different story, producing drama, exuberance and grandeur.

A sultry and romantic mood sits on The Mandeville Hotel’s Fifth Floor. Inspired by the clandestine ‘Bain de Minuit’ Sea-Bathing Society that met at night in the sea of Monaco and Princess Grace’s stolen “Pearl” necklace, relax in your own luxurious abode in the Centre of London. 

Taking inspiration from Monaco's Botanical Garden, enter a tropical, lush and luxurious room designed with palm trees and colourful handcrafted fabrics, all accentuated with Julian Chichester furniture and a separate seating area. 

Classic Lacroix designs combined with whimsical colours and bejeweled designs inspired by Grace Kelly’s stolen Cartier jewels, the Jewel Box is a true haven for fashion lovers. 

Light, airy and romantic, Classic Lacroix is a true reflection of Lacroix’s upbringing in his hometown of Arles combining both French and Spanish cultures in one very comfortable and luxurious space. 

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